Chef Profile

Award –winning Head Chef Sean Mawbey brings a world of experience to every dish he puts on the table at Podilato.

From his early days serving out his apprenticeship in famed two hatted Sydney restaurant Buon Ricordo, to being a pastry chef under acclaimed Ukranian Head Chef Igor Tymchyshyn in London, to managing large teams and working within awarded groups like Mark Moran at Little Bay, Sean’s appreciation of rustic Mediterranean fare has never diminished. By keeping to fresh ingredients and uncomplicated cooking styles, Sean tempers the richness of tradition with the delicacy of modern gastronomy in some inspirational variations on classic Mediterranean dishes.
‘My style is simple, clean and full of flavour’ says Sean. ‘My philosophy is to accentuate the natural flavours and characteristics of the food. It’s how we can show respect to the food we eat.’ In particular, Sean confesses to a fondness for seafood, but also loves to slow-cook meat; ‘It takes time and patience, but is definitely worth the wait’.

Sean and his team look forward to making new friends and pleasing palates in the relaxed surrounds of Podilato, while carving out a reputation as distinctively original dining establishment in Canberra.